Monday, 20 May 2013


‘SATYAGNI is one  idea,one movement, born years ago with the very old belief of “pen is mighter than sword”.Today it has  taken a completely different shape. Satyagni has been my pen name for years and i am looking forward to continue it for the rest of my life….
Gone are the days when people facing atrocities from the dark world(harvey dent) would meet a leader(batman) who would show them the path to freedom and enlighten their lives.The  21st century is populated with maskmen ;two faces of whom requires to be revealed. There’s no spell or a hex provided as in the Harry Potter’s world to unmask the masked magician.what you have is the power of your conscience -the eternal magic within you , that would lead you to a correct judgement.And whats conscience?Its the only weapon of truth one possess to fight the evil.
There are these politicians with full of apathy
There are terrorists with no sympathy
There are cons with ever-ready treacherous smile        
there are millions such, and you still have to move miles….
In this fight against the evils , join hands with me and use the weapon of truth to set the evil-world ablaze…

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